Jet Freight Logistics Limited

, Bangalore , India
ID: 61121
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Jet Airfreight commenced its operations in 1986, and today is recognized by the industry as India’s No.1 Freight Forwarder for handling Perishable and Time Sensitive cargo and one of the top players in handling General and other kinds of Cargo. We are a one stop shop for all your cargo needs and are known for handling all kinds of cargo. Our Presence is established in several key cities within the country with service coverage in over 200 countries. We employ over 150 professionals including M.B.A’s ,Company Secretaries, Logistics Specialists etc and more than 75 of our own loaders within India, who work round the clock to cater to every minute detail to meets the customers’ expectations. We also handle highly perishable goods that move daily in and out of the country, thus our entire infrastructure and network are tuned to treat every import and export consignment with care, under tight time schedules. This has precedence within our organization and with all our associate business partners. We have stringent business policies in terms of staff recruitment and appointments of business partners, each individual goes through a tedious test in terms of intelligence and experience, where testing parameters are at its highest, because we believe that our team must be compassionate and intelligent to ensure business growth, profitability and most importantly customer satisfaction. All our locations are fully computerized and connected to ensure easy access of data. The system hardware and software in terms of technology and operations are the best available in the industry capable to meet any amount of bulk movement of shipments. All the activities are controlled as separate entities.
2nd floor, #11, Sai Anugraha Building,
10th Main Road,
JeevanBhima Nagar,
Bangalore 560075, India

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