Optimize Courier, LLC

, Long Pond, PA , United States of America
(Long Pond, Head Office)
ID: 87567
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Optimize Courier, USA is an IATA agent operating since April of 2010, with a dedicated and experienced staff trained in the handling of Time Sensitive, Mission Critical shipments for the Automotive, Aerospace and Hi-Tech industries. When providing logistics solutions for these demanding clients, we understand that high levels of real time communication are essential to ensure that all shipments entrusted to us are handled quickly and efficiently. We know from many years' experience that when a request for service is presented that TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE and we are ready to support all X2 Critical members with high levels of real time communications and execution 24/7/365. OPTIMIZE can provide urgent pick up and export, or import clearance delivery service in all US gateways Whether we are called upon to provide: • NFO • OBC • Dedicated drives • Charters We promise to provide an excellent service for a fair price.
112 Sage Road,
Long Pond, PA 18334,
United States of America

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