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Every member of Lognet enjoys the luxury of conducting business with any other registered member office with complete confidence, security, and peace of mind. Learn how Gold Medallion Financial Protection has coverage up to US$3,000,000.

Lognet Global realizes the importance of minimizing risk in business and participates in Gold Medallion Financial Protection. Transactions between any enrolled Lognet member offices are covered in case of non-payment by another Lognet global member up to; $100,000. The maximum to be paid in claims in any twelve months shall not exceed $3,000,000.00. After that, claims will be paid in the order they are received.

Lognet Global protects against money lost due to non-payment of invoices for handling transactions between Lognet Global member companies and member companies of WCAworld. In the case of transactions between Lognet Global members, the maximum is $100,000; in the case of transactions across WCA networks (e.g., between a WCA member and a Lognet Global member), the maximum is US$50,000. . This security structure provides members with a safety net. It permits all members to work with one another with peace of mind and complete financial security. It is not a credit facility.