All-In-One Platform

FreightOscope helps independent freight forwarders with a modern, secure, easy-to-use, and affordable digital forwarding platform to manage your forwarding business efficiently.

Organize Your Freight Rates and Contracts, Send Quotes, Manage Shipments, Track Shipments and Much More.


Saves you significant time managing hundreds of rate sheets and contracts from dozens of different airlines and shipping lines.


Traces any container or AWB for all export or import shipments.


Enables transmitting Master & House AWBs electronically to 160+ airlines globally. Save carrier fees, adhere to compliance such as ICS2, e-CSD and receive tracking updates for your shipments.


A complete solution to manage all your sales, pricing, operations, documentation, and billing, along with comprehensive reporting and analytics to keep you ahead in the digital forwarding industry.

At a glance

FreightOscope Rate Management System

helps manage and organize rate sheets and contracts, access carrier spot rates and send quotes to customers quickly.

FreightOscope Tracking System

traces any container or AWB for all export or import shipments.

FreightOscope Electronic AWB System

transmits data electronically to 160+ airlines worldwide and is ICS2 compliant.

FreigthOscope Freight Management System

is a complete solution to manage sales, pricing. operations. documentation, and billing and includes comprehensive reporting and analytics
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