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  • Partner Pay can save each member thousands of dollars in banking fees
  • Partner Pay is an exclusive & free benefit for members of Lognet Global & WCA networks
  • Partner Pay is a proven safe and secure transaction system
  • The majority of members now use Partner Pay
  • Every transaction is instant and free of fees
  • All Partner Pay enrolled members carry the distinctive ‘PP’ logo

Partner Pay is the industry’s only fees-free financial transaction system, and it’s use gives you the opportunity to save virtually all banking fees on inter-member transactions.

Developed exclusively for members of Lognet & WCA networks, Partner Pay is an online system that allows members to pay and receive money from their partners, instantly, anywhere in the world at no cost.

Completely safe and secure, Partner Pay’s unique online software allows members to manage and maintain their account payables and receivables in a simple and effective manner, alleviating crippling bank transfer fees and boosting profit margins on each and every shipment.

Partner Pay is an entirely free membership benefit and is available to every registered company. Quick and easy to set up and fully transparent, Partner Pay has become the payment method of choice for the majority of members and the cost-savings they have made are staggering.

Partner Pay is maintained and run by dedicated staff that offer full support services and can deal instantly with any request or query. For more information on how Partner pay can prevent your company throwing away money on banking fees, please contact our team: