, Naples Italy
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WCAworld Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program *
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Enrollment : Mar 01, 2023

Expires : Feb 29, 2024

LUEMA Logistics provides a comprehensive range of customized turnkey logistics solutions to its clients. With a powerful global network and over 30 years of experience, LUEMA Logistics adopts state-of-the-art communications and database technologies, international best practices and expert local knowledge to solve logistic challenges. Our group is a pioneering logistical company providing integrated service support to shipping companies at a level meeting international standards. We also provide unparalleled customer service, satisfying all client needs every step of the way. Having established offices across Asia, as well as in Europe and America, LUEMA Logistics brings its extensive range of services, including import / export, air / sea / land, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution to clients across the globe. In a world that we believe to be “without borders”, we take care to ship your goods by any means (train, plane, ship and truck) to get Italian excellences to the world.
Via Ferrante Imparato,
192-194, Centro Malvagni Cm2

Contact Details:
+39 0819799160 / +39 0815026237 / +39 08119572730 / +39 08119572731
+39 0819799160 / +39 0815026237
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