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Launched in 2019, Ingram Logistics Services solves the ever-growing supply chain needs of our customers. We offer international shipping services, domestic transportation, and other value-added services through a network of providers and leveraging our own facilities along the inland waterways. Ingram Logistics Services is your partner to deliver sustainable supply chain solutions while using innovative logistics technology stacks in ways that create simplicity out of the complexity. From ocean shipping, trucking, and warehousing to customs brokerage and cargo insurance, we provide reliable supply chain management to give you peace of mind. Ingram Logistics Services is part of Ingram Marine Group, which also includes Ingram Barge Company, Houston Fleeting Services, and Custom Fuel Services. Ingram began its history on the river in the 1850s when the first Orrin Henry Ingram began Dole, Ingram and Kennedy Lumber Company, relying on huge log rafts floated down the Mississippi and Chippewa Rivers. Now, Ingram Barge Company operates more than 130 towboats and 4,000 barges, and carries more tons than any other domestic marine carrier in the nation and is still a family business. Custom Fuel Services provides midstream and dockside fuel service at ten locations along the inland river system. Houston Fleeting Services is currently the largest single fleeting area in Texas, offering fleeting, shift boat services, towing, and other barge and boat services in the Houston Ship Channel and surrounding areas.
4400 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN

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+1 (615) 695-3611
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