Golden Well Int'l Logistics Co., Ltd.

, Taipei Taiwan, China
(Taipei, Head Office)
ID: 88136
Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program *
The following offices of this member are enrolled:
Taiwan, China
* Only these offices are covered and protected under this program.
Please remember that Companies with non-enrolled offices in the vicinity of places of origin, or final destination of shipment(s) are NOT covered by WCAworld Gold Medallion Plan for those specific shipments.

Enrollment : Mar 28, 2014

Expires : Mar 27, 2023

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Golden Well headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, was established in 2003. We are a group of passionate and dynamic team. We can deliver the expertise and specialized services that help your business run more efficiently and effectively than you ever thought. Golden Well provides a worldwide network for all of your air freight, ocean freight, custom clearance and inland transportation and so on, guarantee perfect control to ensure your cargo arrived quickly and delivered on time. It is our target to provide our valuable partners with competitive rates, trustworthy and friendly service, and a commitment of customer satisfaction. Our vision is to contribute ourselves to Lognet and share mutual benefits with all the members of Lognet, by utilizing our competitive advantages.
5fl., No.19,
Lane 50, Section 3,
Nan Kang Road,
Taipei, Taiwan

Contact Details:
Office Contacts:
Customer Service Assistant Manager
+886.2.2653.0032 #211
Ms. Alina Chen
Overseas Coordinator
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