Cargo Express Logistics

, New York, NY, United States of America
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WCAworld Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program *
The following offices of this member are enrolled:
United States of America
[ New York, NY ]
* Only the above offices are covered and protected under the GM member to member financial protection.
Please remember that Companies with non-enrolled offices in the vicinity of places of origin, or final destination of shipment(s) are NOT covered by WCAworld Gold Medallion Plan for those specific shipments.

Enrollment : Apr 23, 2024

Expires : Apr 22, 2025

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With more than 15 years of experience, Cargo Express Logistics provides service to today's and tomorrows companies-large or small. Whether your company has a vast experience in shipping services or is a one-time shipper, Cargo Express Logistics can handle all of your shipping needs - hassle free! At Cargo Express Logistics we have a simple philosophy that success is a product of balance between excellent service, competitive pricing, strong commitment to detail and outstanding vision of customers needs. We stand behind our expertise, our reputation, and our approach to assist you with making your transportation decision an easy one. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and provide you with complete customer satisfaction.
993 McDonald Ave
Booklyn, New York

Contact Details:
+1 718 853 7045
+1 347 406 6524
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