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, Brussels , Belgium
(Airfreight - Brussels)
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Fast Forward Freight B.V., located in Amsterdam is the head office for the Fast Forward group with offices in Belgium, Germany and Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Brussels, Antwerp, Munich) and worldwide agents offering a global service in all aspects of transport logistics. The airfreight offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels, Munich focus mainly on general freight forwarding, warehousing, logistics, customs handling and clearance, packing and distribution services, consolidation, animal transports, part & full charter and project cargo. From our offices in Rotterdam, Hamburg and Antwerp we provide a wide range of shipping and forwarding services for containerized, consolidated, break-bulk, project and bulk cargoes. Working with Fast Forward Freight offers you all the benefits developed by a highly motivated team of 155 employees, to keep clients and partners competitive in a global market. **Further office specifics can be found on**
Bedrijvenzone Machelen Cargo,
Building 721, First Floor,
1830 Machelen, Belgium

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