ELC Transport Services SAL

, Beirut , Lebanon
(Beirut, Head Office)
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ELC Transport Services is a fully owned family company, operating in the Lebanese transportation field for more than 80 years. The handling of pharmaceutical products is highly guided internationally by the WHO with its GDP guidelines and nationally by the Ministry of Health with its Good Storage and Distribution Practice guidelines (GSDP). Our aim is to be the top pharmaceutical handling operator in Lebanon. In order to achieve this goal: • We are a GDP compliant operator in the Lebanese logistics field. • We handle a wide range of pharmaceutical products from the regular +15°C /+25°C, the +2°C / +8°C to the -20°C. • Our team is trained to handle cytotoxic and psychotropic products, in the best, safe and secure possible way. • Our fully owned trucks are validated for the distribution of pharmaceutical products in the best environment possible. • A precise and monitored logging system is available to keep the records up to 10 years. • We are among the few companies able to handle expired products for destruction as per Basel convention rules. • Operations are done smoothly and precisely thanks to a pharmaceutical oriented quality management system.
M-1144 Building - Medawar - Karantina,
Beirut, Lebanon

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