Shanghai T&G International Forwarding Co., Ltd.

, Shanghai , China
(Shanghai, Head Office)
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In 1996 TNG start to operations in Shanghai. TNG specializes in fast moving consumer goods within the food industry. We are committed to our Perishable business and Also, we have a special department support for label, classification cold storage and related services. With our bonded normal and constant temperature warehouse in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, and the refrigerated, normal and constant temperature logistics center outside the bonded zone, we can satisfy the different types of warehousing and logistics processing requirements. Being a leading cross-border logistics service provider, we also focus on providing cross-border import and export enterprises from the buyer to the seller's one-stop service. TNG design multimodal innovative logistics concepts and organizational structure with air, land, railway and sea freight resources. To handle a variety of products including exhibition goods, commercial cargo, dangerous goods & temperature controlled. We guarantee exact planning for reliable transport processes. Headquartered in Shanghai, T&G INT'L LOGISTICS was established in 1996 with working staff of 200 people. We provide customers with global logistics solutions in a fabulous, safe, fast, professional, and customized way. To achieve common development together with our customers is the common goal every T & G person strives for. With more than 10 years of establishing overseas subsidiaries as well as setting up business co-operations with overseas agents, T&G has gradually formed a mature and stable business network in Europe, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. We can offer the below range of services: • Transport commissioner (air, sea, land) • Freight broker/ Ship operator • Consolidation • Trade agent (import license management of FOOD category…, quota application, pay foreign exchange) - As its wholly owned subsidiary of TNG Group, TNG international Trade Co., Ltd. can provide import & export services for various food, agricultural product, aquatic product, cosmetics, machinery, garment materials. • Global sourcing (Procurement Execution) - We providing our customers the whole project solutions from negotiations with overseas suppliers, order management, compliance checking, Chinese label preparation, customs and inspection declaration to full range temperature supply chain with warehousing. - Customs clearance Import & Export Customs and Inspection Declaration - We have professional customs declaration teams based in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Tianjin. · storage (FOOD category with full range temperature food) • Air Import Distribution - Owing import customs bonded warehouse, we’re proving 24 hours importing cargo distribution, warehousing and customs clearance services for many local and overseas counterparts. The warehouse is equipped with stereoscopic goods shelves and camera to guarantee the safety of the goods to the greatest extent. • Projects cargo • For more information, you can check the attachment. We would be more than happy to assist any way we can do for you in China!
Room 20A-C, East Building,
No. 668, Beijing East Road,
Shanghai, China 200001

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+86.21.5308.8855 Ext. 622
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