NRS Corporation

, Tokyo , Japan
(Tokyo, Head Office)
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Since our establishment in 1946, NRS Corporation has been engaged in the supply of equipment and logistic services, specially in petrochemical and other chemical products. As a pioneer at each time of our business expansion, we faced barriers of local regulations, very old and prohibiting introduction of new technology. Today, we have massive operational networks across Japan. NRS Group is considered as the most experienced and quality logistics provider in Japan and East Asia. We operate over 6,000 tank containers in the world under a subsidiary company, and 25 Hundred IBCs that are portable intermediate size. We now provide the customers more minute operations like for the industries of semi-conductor, ink and are extending to cosmetics and medicines as well. We also served various tanks such as PTF lined tank for highly purified chemicals, temperature controlled tank for high pressure gas.
8th Floor, Kowa-Hitotsubashi Building,
3-7-1 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 101-0054, Japan

Contact Details:
+81.3.5281.8130 (General Inquiry)
+81.3.5281.8155 (Sea Freight)
+81.3.5281.8252 (Air Freight)
+81.3.5281.1854 (General Inquiry)
+81.3.5281.1857 (Sea Freight)
+81.3.5281.2722 (Air Freight)
Emergency Call:
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