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Logenix specializes in global planning and freight forwarding services. Our proven record for on-time, on-budget performance is unmatched in the logistics industry. Operating on behalf of the US Government and its contractors, comprising the world's most admired corporations and humanitarian organizations, Logenix staff are recognized as the industry's most qualified and knowledgeable --Number One To and Through the World's Most Challenging Regions-- Over the past decade Logenix has become recognized as the preeminent logistics provider for humanitarian and disaster relief, development infrastructure and global health programs, theater contingency operations, as well as other high profile US Government funded projects in the world's most challenging regions-Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Liberia, Indonesia, Haiti, to name just a few. Our decades of developed synergy of logistics expertise, US Government regulations (FAR), and worldwide duty exempt Customs knowledge Is unparalleled. Development Logenix is unequalled in our wide-ranging partnering with over eighty humanitarian organizations and contractors to USAID, DOS, and other agencies working on hundreds of development and infrastructure programs for governance, economic growth, agriculture, health, and energy in over 90 countries. Contingency Operating broad, massive support logistics on behalf of contractors for LOGCAP, AFCAP, AFRICAP, ACE, and TACOM into and throughout the extended contingency theaters for Afghanistan, Iraq, and Liberia. Global Health From our extensive involvement in the initial planning and deliveries for dozens of HIV/AIDS contractors in the early 2000's to our primary support roles for The Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), no other logistics company has demonstrated the reliability, cost effectiveness, and task success delivering throughout Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Disaster Relief Logenix has operated 24/7 providing urgent and critical relief supplies on behalf of many of world's highest regarded humanitarian organizations and the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance to dozens of large scale natural and man-made disasters, from Bangladesh to Haiti to Darfur, throughout the globe. Cutting-edge Resources and Technology: The Logenix in-house developed, web based tracking system (LTS 5.2) is a complete management solution, integrating purchase order administration, warehouse inventory control, process and communication integration, customizable forms and shipment tracking. Over the past eleven years, Logenix has been involved in countless high profile projects for dozens of USAID, AFCAP, LOGCAP, ACE, ISAF, and State Department contractors. We have successfully delivered various types of cargo such as plant seedlings, armored vehicles, spare parts, communications gear, health supplies, and massive power equipment originating all over the world. We are experts in navigating all delivery routes, both southern and all northern, via Karachi, Riga, Turkey, and Azerbaijan through all Afghan border crossings. Our record of operating in the toughest regions of the world is unrivaled.
3060 Williams Drive,
Suite 400,
Fairfax, VA 22031,
United States of America

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