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7PSolutions™ was founded in 2010 to fulfill an unmet need in the life sciences and transportation industries: a single solution for climate control, security and quality management through every stage of the cold chain. We leverage the extensive knowledge, experience and expertise of our leadership team comprised of logistics, cargo security, cold chain and quality assurance industry veterans - all of whom understand the critical importance of providing real-time visibility so our clients can manage their supply chain, fleets and assets. Today, we provide our clients with the most comprehensive GPS supply chain management tools in the industry. RouteWatch, is the most sophisticated GPS supply chain management tool in the industry and is being utilized by all stakeholders of the supply chain. • Integrated environmental and security monitoring tools maintain product integrity and protect our clients' investments • Shipment management tool TEMS • Full reporting capabilities • Event based management tool, manage by exception • Linear geo-fencing reduces the area of vulnerability during transport • Web based SaaS with iOS and Android applications TEMS, Transport Environmental Monitoring System is our supply chain management tool within RouteWatch - • Shipment creation / integration • Shipment templates • Product templates • Automated communications • Dedicated route management • Carrier performance • Real-time inventory visibility • Event based communications and management • Eliminates errors • Increase productivity • Quicker decision making Cargo Security and Loss Prevention solutions provides for the most stringent security protocols in the market today • Confidential customized protocols • Call center 24/7/365 • ARC provides client specific alarm codes • GPS tracking backed up by GSM tracking • Pre-determined route and stops • Unlimited geo-fences and routes • Light sensor detects carton, container and door openings • Panic button • Covert installations • Security training and driver interviews Product Integrity protection ensures that the life sciences, food manufacturers, producers and transport providers are compliant with global regulations, patient and food safety. • Product tables ensure error free monitoring ranges • Traceable temperature, humidity sensors • Full chain of custody data maintained five (5) years • Automated temperature trip history reports at time of delivery or opening of carton, container, trailer • Multiple probes for trailer and facility monitoring • Climate Control, Perishables training, and driver interviews.
136 N. Van Buren Street,
Nashville, IN, 47448,
United States of America

P.O. Box 1274,
Nashville, IN,
United States of America

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