Lognet Global Hosts Seventh Annual Conference in Vibrant Miami

The Seventh Annual Lognet Global conference, held in vibrant Miami, ran alongside WCAworld’s World Specialty Logistics Fair from 23-26 of June. The conference, which was held at the JW Marriott Marquis, provided the “boutique” network with an opportunity to re-connect and build new business connections.

During the three-day event, each member had the chance to conduct 34 One-on-One meetings with other logistics professionals in the group. They also attended social events including a relaxed cocktail reception where members broke the ice over casual games of pool and virtual bowling.

The plenary session, led by Brian Majerus and Brian Churchman, highlighted network updates and potential changes; the question on whether Lognet should consider expanding its global footprint being at the heart of topics to discuss. Currently, the network works within a market limit set to a five-member cap. Lognet’s general manager, Brian Churchman made it clear that while the network will never adopt WCAworld’s free-for-all model, he believes there is some room to relax the restrictions.

“Sometimes this (5 member) limitation hinders the network and its members when, for example, two of the members in a region are not overly active within the market,” said Churchman.

Regardless of network changes, Lognet will continue to combine local expertise with a personal touch. “We intend to remain a smaller network where members are carefully selected based on quality and commitment to the group,” said Churchman. “We are growing at a slow but steady pace, in market locations where our presence is needed most.”

On Sunday evening, delegates enjoyed a gala dinner like none-other aboard the South Beach Lady, a yacht that took members on a 3-hour boat cruise along Miami’s coastline. Aboard, delegates enjoyed great food and drink accompanied by an interactive DJ who kept everyone entertained. Members noted that this format provided them with a relaxed, organic way to meet even more partners within the group.

Lognet Global closed its Seventh Annual event with an informal farewell party at the Marriott Marquis. The group is excited to hold its Eighth Annual Global Conference, next year and encourages members to keep an eye out for any communications announcing the hosting city