, Gdansk, Poland
(Gdansk, Head Office)
(Formerly Known as LANGOWSKI LOGISTICS Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.)
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In all our warehouses we provide services: - Transhipments and cross-docking of goods of any weight and oversized - Cargo lashing, mounting and securing - Consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo - Long-term and short-term storage - Palletizing, repacking and labeling - Confectioning of goods - Inventory management - Fulfillment - Customs clearance in a simplified or standard procedure Advantages of warehouses at Langowski Logistics: - Comprehensive logistic services - Highly qualified Staff and professional loading equipment - Warehouses in convenient locations, close to terminals and main routes of transport - Total warehouse area is 51 000 sq. m with short and long-term storage possibilties - Temporary storage warehouses, bonded warehouses and our own Customs Agency - WMS management system in each warehouse - Protected facilities with permanent video surveillance and 24-hour security WAREHOUSE IN GDYNIA Total area: 5.200 sq. m - Floor stacking area - Pallet racking area Reloading yard 10.000 sq. m 11 Forklifts with capacity from 1.4 to 25 t WAREHOUSE IN GDANSK Total area: 17.500 sq. m - Floor stacking area - Pallet racking area 10 Forklifts with capacity from 1.5 to 3.5 t WAREHOUSE IN WARSAW-PRUSZKOW Total area: 7.000 sq. m - Floor stacking area - Pallet racking area Reloading yard 3.000 sq. m New reloading yard 10.000 sq.m – soon in 2023 1 reach stacker with capacity up to 45 t 10 forklifts with capacity from 2 to 16 t WAREHOUSE IN LODZ Total area: 8.000 sq. m - Floor stacking area - Pallet racking area Reloading yard 300 sq. m 4 forklifts with capacity from 1.4 to 3.5 t
Kontenerowa 21 str, 80-601,
Gdańsk, Poland

Contact Details:
+48 58 355 73 00
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