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USA Courier Program
  • Send an overnight letter from New York to Los Angeles for as little as US$10.50
  • Send a 10 pound pack to China in 1 to 3 days from anywhere in the USA for US$72.00
  • Get discounts on import shipments into the USA as high as 25.4%
  • Book and track shipments with the click of a mouse
  • Allow your customers access to your rates
  • Receive one consolidated billing

As a unique and highly-valued benefit for US members, Lognet Global and UPS have teamed up to provide deeply discounted courier rates across all destinations.

Only available for Lognet Global member companies. This program can be used for domestic, international, and import packages up to 150 pounds in weight across a variety of service levels.

This program offers up to 56% reductions in standard retail prices and has allowed significant cost-savings and improved margins for many Lognet Global companies.

Thailand Courier Program

In 2013 Lognet Global negotiated another groundbreaking deal with UPS Courier for all Thailand-based members, providing them access to preferential rates for documents and small parcels ex-Thailand to the Rest-of-the-World. This was based upon our already successful and long-running program in the USA.

There are no fees for this exclusive Lognet Global member benefit, so to take advantage of this attractive program by contacting: